State of Open Science in Socioenvironmental Research

One of the core components of the SEEKCommons project consists in STS research about the development, use, and debate about Open Science in the context of socioenvironmental research and action. This activity will involve our core team of researchers, but also the wider network of STS partners we convened.

Research Network Convenings

Regular virtual and in-person convenings to bring together network members, fellows, and guests to share research findings and challenges, as well as build social ties to conduct open and collaborative work.

SEEKCommons Fellowships

The SEEKCommons Fellowship brings together graduate students and early-career researchers with new perspectives and voices to socio-environmental research with open technologies. The Fellowship program is designed to encourage new integrative practices involving environmental and climate action research with OS practices, and provide a space for fellows and network members to connect on research issues, challenges, and solutions. For more information on how to apply, please click here.

Data Facilitators Consortium

The DFC is designed to build capacity to take on translational and facilitation skills, developing ways researchers can work in partnership with frontline communities. Our goal is to transform conventional models for training and pedagogy to center community perspectives and priorities, and support dialogue and multi-directional knowledge sharing.

Resource Hub

Our Resource Hub will host tools, resources, and curricular modules for integrating FAIR, CARE, and other open science guidelines into participatory socio-environmental research.