LF Murillo

LF Murillo (he/him) is Assistant Professor in Anthropology at University of Notre Dame, where he also serves as fellow of the ND Technology Ethics Center and the Lucy Institute for Data and Society. His work has been dedicated to the anthropological study of computing with a focus on the design of common technologies for addressing social and environmental issues. LF Murillo serves as PI of the SEEKCommons project, where he conducts research on "open technology" development.

Shannon Dosemagen

Shannon Dosemagen (she/her) is Director of Open Environmental Data Project. During her career, she has focused on building and sustaining open communities -- including Public Lab and the Gathering for Open Science Hardware -- to ensure open tools and practices are accessible to people addressing issues of environmental pollution and climate change. Shannon is responsible for the SEEKCommons network and design its fellowship program, Data Facilitators Consortium, and resource hub.

Gerd Heber

Gerd Heber (he/him) is the Executive Director of The HDF Group, whose non-profit mission is to provide the means to organize and store large, complex data to be effectively and efficiently accessible anywhere and indefinitely. People worldwide rely on open HDF software to solve some of the most challenging data management problems. Gerd helps organize network convenings and gatherings with his technical expertise in data formats, standards, computing cloud technologies, and data management better practices.

Don Brower

Don Brower (he/him) is a Computational Scientist at the University of Notre Dame's Center for Research Computing. His interests include ontologies, reproducibility, and ways to automate parts of the research data lifecycle. He has experience with data storage, preservation workflows, and software preservation. Don is Co-PI of the SEEKCommons project, where he leads the data management and stewardship to assist the core team, the network members and the research fellows.

Katie Hoeberling

Katie Hoeberling (she/they) is the Director of Policy Initiatives at Open Environmental Data Project. Dedicated to open and cooperative approaches to science and policy, she creates spaces for researchers, communities, government, and tech to share knowledge, build trust, and work collectively to cultivate more just and healthier environments. Katie has a background in cooperative farm innovation, food labor organizing and policy, and carbon accounting. Katie is excited to organize SEEKCommons community convenings. She also supports the design and delivery of the network's fellowship program, Data Facilitators Consortium as well as overall management of the project.

Lane Rasberry

Lane Rasberry (he/him) is Wikimedian-in-residence at the School of Data Science at the University of Virginia. His interests include popular science, consumer protection, civic engagement, access to health information, clinical research, the Open Movement, data science, LGBT history, and Wikimedia projects. Lane is contributing to the distribution of project key messages through Wikipedia, FAIR data indexing through Wikidata, ethical review, and diversity recruitment through the wiki platform and its network of open science supporters.

Matias Milia

Matías F. Milia (he/him) is a postdoctoral affiliate at the University of Notre Dame's Anthropology department and Fellow of the Open Environmental Data Project. With a Ph.D. in Social Science Research from the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences in Mexico, he studies the entanglements of data infrastructures, environmental challenges, knowledge circulation, and future-oriented research from a translational STS perspective. Matías is involved in projects on Open Science and Knowledge Circulation with colleagues in France, Africa, and Latin America. Matías is contributing to the research part of the SEEKCommons project, helping to map the collectives of technologists, environmental researchers and frontline community members working with Open Science technologies and infrastructures.

Michelle Cheripka

Michelle Cheripka (she/her) is an interdisciplinary media maker who is passionate about environmental justice, interdisciplinary collaboration, and community building. Through her work as Communications & Content Manager at Open Environmental Data Project (OEDP), she aims to uplift the personal lived experiences that lie within datasets to advocate for systemic change. In 2020, she completed her master’s in the Sociology of Media & Culture at the University of Cambridge, where she conducted research on storytelling devices in popular culture that inform cultural understandings around climate action. Michelle is contributing to the SEEKCommons project as a media expert, taking care of the communication strategies and media channels of the project.

John Readey

John Readey (he/him) has been a Senior Architect at The HDF Group since he joined in June 2014. His interests include web services related to HDF, cloud computing, and applications that support the use of HDF and data visualization. Prior to joining The HDF Group, John worked at Amazon.com from 2006-2014 where he developed service-based systems for eCommerce and AWS. John graduated from Ohio State University with Master’s degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science. John contributes to the SEEKCommons project with development and training of Open Science technologies, such as HDF5 and Highly Scalable Data Service (HSDS).